Saturday, August 27, 2011

Colombiana: Vengeance Is Beautiful

Zoe Saldana is

In the action film “Colombiana”, Zoe Saldana plays Cataleya, a young woman who has grown up to be an assassin after witnessing the murder of her parents as a child. Turning herself into a professional killer and working for her uncle, she remains focused on her ultimate goal: to hunt down and get revenge on the mobster responsible for her parents deaths. 

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So Who is Zoe Saldana?
New Jersey native Zoe Saladana has always had a knack for the entertainment industry. The 33 year old model/actress first started her career as a ballet dancer in the Dominican Republic and later relocated to New York to begin her acting career. With dancing and acting both under her belt, she landed her first major role in Center Stage. From there, she began starring in major films like Pirates of the Carribean, The Terminal, Guess Who, Star Trek, and Avatar. She has also graced the cover of several fashion magazines as a style icon (with the help of her stylist Petra Flannery), not to mention she is on the September issue of Latina Magazine (Zoe is Puerto Rican and Domenican).  Outside of  the entertainment industry, Zoe has also become a pioneer in digital media as a founding partner and investor in both Juggernaut Investments and 
September 2011 Latina Magazine Cover

For more on Zoe, Visit her official site and for anyone who wants to know "the who, what, and wheres" in the fashion industry, visit her affiliate site My Fashion Database. Don't forget to go see Colombiana! Now Playing!


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  1. She played a great assassin, her outfits was simple yet comfortable.