Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enamel Instincts

So I know I've skipped a couple of beats but school and work has kept me very busy. I wanted to do this post because I have found my self wanting to cover my arms in enamel bracelets and after seeing the Chanel RTW collection, I am currently starting my own collection of Spring and Summer accessories. The term "Stacked Interest" came to me not only for the stacked bracelet analogy but because the term makes me think of stacking money aside and accumulating interest. Depending on where you find these bracelets, you may be starting a small investment which hopefully in a far away vintage world will accumulate interest over time. The Hermes bracelet seen on Nicole Richie is a "mere" $630. If that's a little too steep for your pockets, try for a few different price points. 

Send pics of how you wore it to!

As always,