Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enamel Instincts

So I know I've skipped a couple of beats but school and work has kept me very busy. I wanted to do this post because I have found my self wanting to cover my arms in enamel bracelets and after seeing the Chanel RTW collection, I am currently starting my own collection of Spring and Summer accessories. The term "Stacked Interest" came to me not only for the stacked bracelet analogy but because the term makes me think of stacking money aside and accumulating interest. Depending on where you find these bracelets, you may be starting a small investment which hopefully in a far away vintage world will accumulate interest over time. The Hermes bracelet seen on Nicole Richie is a "mere" $630. If that's a little too steep for your pockets, try for a few different price points. 

Send pics of how you wore it to!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012



Lets be honest....we all know that the first day of school is always a fashion show and we all look for that one outfit that will convey exactly who you are to everyone and how much you've matured and changed over summer break. Even though I am done with school (for now...) I still find myself missing those days of desperately seeking the perfect self expression ensemble. I can admit, if I had another first day.....I would love to pull off the classic Cher, Dionne, and Tai look from Clueless! I've always loved the styling of this movie and remember making my mom buy me loafers, scorts, and knee highs when it came out. I'm still looking for that awesome leather messenger bag! My point is, it never hurts to go in a classic!  

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let the Fall Frenzy Begin

Fall Frenzy 

So, Fall is my favorite season....leaves turn from EVERGREEN to JEWEL TONES like WINE inspired colors and GOLDEN YELLOWS paired with CHAMPAGNE and of course BLACK! WARM PINK or CORAL tones with PLUM PURPLE and DEEP HUES of BLUE with ANIMAL TEXTURED pieces will be added for a fun sophisticated look. The temperature will drop allowing for more layering of accessories like KNEE HIGH BOOTS, SCARFS, LAYERED NECKLACES, THIGH HIGH SOCKS, BULKY AND/STUDDED BAGS, AND BARE BONES TIME PIECES! Our key wardrobe pieces become OVER SIZED KNIT TOPS AND SWEATERS, SKINNY JEANS/CHORDS and LEGGINGS, BASIC LONG SLEEVE TEES (COTTON), and BUTTON-UP TOPS WITH RUFFLE OR BOW DETAILS. We'll put on PEA COATS, TRENCH COATS, CAPES WITH HOODS, and yes, DOWN COATS (i.e. Northface)! And while most love wearing less for the sake of the intense heat and sex appeal, I can't help feeling like this Fall season, putting on more clothes will be sexier than ever... so let the Fall Frenzy Begin!

Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina

This is my Fall Fashion 2012 inspiration/color presentation! I'm a color addict! Stay tuned, more to follow! Have any interest or trends you want me to blog about? Send me an e-mail!