Monday, April 23, 2012

Back 2 Black

Ever had a week or weekend where you feel your self go "back to black"? This post is inspired by Amy Winehouse's (Very much missed) "Back to Black" song and the emotion behind the lyrics and the shell one takes on after morphing into black. I was on when I saw Versace's Fall 2012 Ready to Wear collection and I guess I just felt some type of way about it in comparison to my current feelings. Little did I know, I couldn't have picked a more perfect collection for symbolism. According to's review, "Donatella felt she could finally, as she put it, face her demons and take on the unrealized promise of her brother's last collection." As models went down the runway in dark studded leather pieces trimmed in chain mail and adorned with crucifixes, you can see the collection transform just as a black swan does. 







   The important thing to remember is that ugly ducklings do turn into beautiful swans and after night, comes day! :)

Lost but not forgotten:

Gianni Versace
Amy Winehouse


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