Monday, March 5, 2012

"Really Super Beautiful"

So I'm always researching new music, new fashion trends and collections, and anything that inspires me. I decided that my findings needed to be a post that I call "Really Super Beautiful". I got this title from one of my favorite authors (Francesca Lia Block) and I love it because it absolutely captures the way I feel about the people, music or things I research. This week, I was inspired by........

"Your mind is like a prism, for God's light to shine through" 
Miss Solange Knowles

I LOVE her Sandcastle Disco and I Decided songs! Every time I hear them I feel like I took a time machine back to the 1960s when Diana Ross & The Supremes & Martha & The Vandellas were up-coming! And the videos are really fun and adorned with extravagant dresses that mimic the sound. These songs show just how creative and unique she is but still very humble. Solange has written many songs for musicians, including her sister's Upgrade U and Get me Bodied, worked with several producers, is a fashion icon (with a retro feel), actress, DJ (Doo ri party as well as Miu Miu), and a loving mommy! She is a natural beauty and inspires me to embrace my individuality and push the envelope!

Sandcastle Disco Video Still


Love this Dress!

 Something I would try lol
Want Solange's Retro Ready to Wear look? 
Get Solange's Retro dress from MiuMiu and pair it with a pair of subtle pattern pumps and statement earrings! (Pic from Solonge's Blog)

Check out Solange's sites!

If you would like me to post something "Really Super Beautiful" for you, please let me know! 


  1. Would love to hear your thoughts on the eccentric costume design From the movie Hunger Games.

  2. First time at your blog its pretty cool keep posting! you never know who is looking. What do you have in mind for the 4th of July?- Julie

    1. Hi Julie, I will make sure I do a post for 4th of July just for you! My computer crashed so I've been MIA for a while! Thanks for visiting and the positive feedback!
      XOXO EML